Should you cut down on Carbs?


It’s the new year and people are looking for new ideas. Loosing weight or maintaining shape is a big goal for most. As always, staying physically active and eating right are a top priority. That tends to hit multiple birds with the same stone, keeping you healthy while also getting you to look better. Regardless of what diet you are attempting this new year, there’s a few things you aught to remember;

  1. You can eat carbs.

Yes I know. Crazy ha? There are very few scenarios when anybody would be required to avoid carbs altogether. Our bodies are energy demanding units and to function at an optimal level, one has to have a source of adequate energy producing foods. However, if you are over you ideal BMI, you are probably exhausted from thinking about how you can cut down on carbs, and perhaps have cut down to the least amount tolerable and nothing seems to help. The fact is, you need a balanced diet for sure, but here’s the thing about carbs; it’s not that you’re eating carbs that’s the problem. You are eating the wrong carbs, that’s the problem. What most of us eat in the western world are highly processed and nutritionally deficient sources of carbohydrates. Highly processed starchy foods go straight through you. By that I mean they get absorbed by your body extremely fast. We eat so much of these foods in form of Pasta, baked goods, white rice, and not forgetting the sugary drinks and alcohol.

By eating so much processed starches and sugars, we make it impossible for the body to burn fat, because why should it when there’s an easy supply of cheap processed carbs. If you’re physically active, you will burn all that sugar. But if your physical is like most people, you’re going to create a surplus of sugar that will be transformed to, and stored as fat. 3500 calories of anything you eat equals apx 1 pound in weight gain. By simply avoiding highly processed carbs, you can turn you body’s metabolism around.

2. What are your carb options? quinoa-black-bean

This is always a tough question. We are saturated with overly processed carbs, and it doesn’t help that there are cheaper. The easiest and most effective way to control what type of carbs you eat is by preparing all your food yourself. Simply stated, avoid eating out unnecessarily. When you are in control of what you buy at the groceries, you are more likely to choose the right foods. Less processed carbs that stand out include brown rice, quinoa, rye as just a few examples you are likely to find in a grocery store. These options may be a little more pricey, but you can always add more readily available foods like beans, more fruits and vegetables, and most naturally occurring unprocessed foods.

The Low carb – high fat

This type of diet that emphasizing extremely low carbs has grown in popularity pretty rapidly in the last few years. The bottom line here is that your body adapts to burning fat as opposed to carbs, and hence you feed your body more of what you want it to burn, which is fat. A lot prominent physicians are now speaking favorably about this. The famous Atkins diet that emphasizes low carbs as low as 21 grams, has many people swearing by it in terms of weight loss. For the most part it works very well when done properly, but this diet obviously isn’t for everybody and for somebody just looking to minimize the negative effects of starch and sugar, there’s other equally healthy options as mentioned above.  

As always, consult your physician when considering any changes to your diet. 

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