Lead toxic water cover up. 

  This is despicable and I don’t have enough words for how awful this is. That thousands of people, many of them little children were exposed to and continue to be exposed to lead toxic water while we all watch. This is a generation of people that will have to live with irreversible nervous system damage from lead poisoning. Why? because those children are not our children, and those people are not us. Because screw them, that’s why. That would would be the conclusion I would assume the mayor and the governor had reached, since I can’t think of any other logical way to explain their decisions. 

Flint is a mid Michigan city with a nearly 100,000 people. There’s lots of people working in the city that new about the water not being safe to drink. The state had to have known about this because it was reported numerous times by independent sources, including the city’s Children’s hospital. So how could this go on while we all watched? This to me as got to be the worst I have seen in this state and country, of humanity in my time, and I have seen many horrible things. To simply ignore facts surrounding the poisoning of thousands of people while you continue to watch it happen, is criminal. Is it any wonder that some people are screaming genocide? Well, it seems to be pretty deliberate as would be a genocide attempt. One hopes it wasn’t deliberate but at the back of your mind, you can’t help but wonder if the response would have been different had this been Grand Rapids, or Ann Arbor.

This is truly despicable and for anyone who works for city or the state and had knowledge of how unsafe the flint water was but chose to ignore the situation, just do yourself and all of us a big favor and resign. If it was up to me, all of you would be in jail. This includes the governor whom, we are finding out knew about this, no later than 6 months before declaring the state of emergency. He and everyone who misinformed him should leave there jobs if they haven’t done so already. This is not a trivial issue, at best it’s unacceptable negligence and at worst, it’s genocide.

A the story keeps getting worse;

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