A look at Charlie Sheen’s mental health

In November 2015, Charlie came out in the open about his positive HIV status, sending the entire porn industry into a state of panic while the rest of us were just sad for him. Given his openly observed lifestyle about dating porn stars, wild parties, and heavy substance abuse, an HIV diagnosis was certainly possible. Some people, like Burt Reynolds went as far as to say he deserved it. Awful that anybody would say that…but that’s another discussion. Now, when Charlie recently revealed on Monday’s Dr Oz show that he might be bipolar, shouldn’t our entire understanding of him deserve a second look.

People generally do not understand bipolar disorder. To understand it, simply look at Charlie sheen’s life over the last 5 to 10 years and it looks exactly like a bipolar disorder. This is a condition marked by manic episodes and depressive moods. Manic episodes are usually noticeable because people get out and act out in unusual ways. They tend to be highly motivated, more talkative with what’s described as ‘pressured speech’. They may embark on many different projects at the same time, that they are unable to finish, or engage in extremely risky behavior. This would be a college girl who, on one weekend goes and willingly sleeps with 12 different guys, completely out of her typical character. This would be a guy who goes grumbling on one weekend wasting all his money or sleeps with multiple prostitutes over the same period of time.  Certain types of bipolar can involve a level of psychosis as well.

Since people in manic phase may not necessarily be psychotic, it’s easy to brush this off as just somebody being a nuisance, as was the case with Charlie. So instead of somebody getting help towards treatment, they get ridiculed. Sadly, they end up with something worse in addition, like HIV. We all need better awareness for this condition. Friends and family members that display such patterns of behavior may not simply be acting out. It may be an illness.




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