The Zika madness

I’m sure at this point you’ve heard something about the Zika virus and like me, have wondered just what the hell is happening. Hell is exactly what it sounds like if you listen to the CDC or WHO talk about this situation. They make it sound like there’s a virus out there eating the heads of fetuses in the womb, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Well luckily there’s studious people out there like Jon Rappoport, an investigative reporter who’s been carefully looking into this. He’s come up with a very interesting report.

The initial report was that some 4000 plus babies were born out of Brazil with microcephaly. Out of Nowhere, Zika came into the picture. Zika is a mosquito spread virus that’s been known to exist apparently since the 1940’s. The World Health Organisation was quick in decelerating this a Global emergency. Now Brazilian physicians are starting to down play the number of reported cases. Recently downgraded the number of reported cases of microcephaly from the over 4000, to now 404. And of those 404, only 17 being confirmed to be ‘associated with Zika’.

Well, here’s the problem; there’s absolutely no justification to declare this a global emergency. According to the American Academy of Neurology, every year in America we have about 25000 cases of microcephaly. The causes are many and can include trauma, exposure to chemicals, and drug use. No emergency is ever declared over this, yet we are going to freak out over 404 cases? You cannot determine causation from 400 cases when we cannot do it with 25000 annually within the US alone. 17 confirmed cases doesn’t actually tell us anything because, Zika has been been around for a while and it’s possible to find antibodies in people that’s unrelated to a birth defect. 17 is too low of a number, to be of any value to scietific data in this case. Yet somehow this is an emergency. I’m I missing something?

How exactly does 404 cases of microcephaly with no proof of association with Zika  become a world wide epidemic? Don’t get me wrong, no one is down playing the potential significance of this if it where true. But this storyline is starting to look fishy. It’s clearly overblown way out of proportion. What next, are we going to see more mandatory vaccinations? Who knows.

Please take a listen to James Corbett’s interview below of Jon Rappoport and make your own conclusions.


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