My Dave Chappelle introduction to Prince 

I got to admit, that I knew very little of prince up until I watched the Dave chappellle skit. To my defense, I was a new immigrant from a country where Prince was not a household name.  Despite not being familiar with Prince at the time, Dave’s impersonation of him got my attention right away. Either Dave did a great acting job or Prince was just that awesome of a person, that even his impersonator made an impact. After watching that bit, I had to go and do my research and learn more about this legend named Prince.

What captivated me the most about that portrayal of prince was that it was based on ‘true’ stories. I remember thinking ‘If these stories are true, then surely this must be the most bizarre person or the most amazing person ever? I remember the basketball game story and Prince supposedly playing basketball in one of his signature performance attires and winning, and couldn’t imagine that incident in real life. It apparently happened.

The I learnt about this person, I took note that he has captivated and inspired many. An amazing talent he was. His music was timeless, and transcends generations. He led a unique lifestyle that was mostly private and hidden from the public eye. That he lived in the Midwest rather than Hollywood is very unique itself. All in all, I’m glad I got to learn about this artist.

Speculation is still ongoing about the cause of his death. TMZ is reporting a possible drug overdose, after it had earlier been reported that he was fighting flu symptoms. An Autopsy will be done over the next two weeks, with toxicology report. We may or may never know what happened that led to his death, but it won’t take anything away from his legacy.

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