In your ‘’. The 3 lies about happiness

A healthy mind is usually a successful mind. When it comes to a healthy mind, it’s all about happiness and contentment. We all want to be happy, but it always seems just one or two steps away from where we are. With Facebook, it would seem everyone else is happy except you.
A few years back a Facebook study revealed that Facebook or social media in general tends to make people feel sad. I assume when people are only posting about their superhuman achievements like running the 10th marathon of the year, vacationing in Antarctica, and climbing Everest, with their super model spouses, you start to feel like a massive underachiever. I don’t think that people who feel sad are necessarily bad jealous people. I think it’s completely natural that people are obsessed with comparison. Before Facebook, we used to compare but it just wasn’t in your face…..or rather in your ‘Facebook’. It was less noticeable with the exception of people that were really close to you. You may have noticed that your neighbor bought a new car or built some new structure on their house, or your cousin married a hot super model etc. With Facebook, you not only get to hear or read about it, but you also get to see a hundred photo albums of it. Humans compare, that’s our strength and it’s also our downfall. Sometimes comparison can be useful but usually it’s harmful.
There are 3 big lies about happiness that people tend to fall for.
1. I will be happy when.….. You can fill in whatever you want in there. Truth is, it’s a lie. Eg when I graduate from high school, when I get a job, when I get married, when I buy a house, when I win the lottery, when I find the love of my life, name it, it doesn’t matter. Your happiness does not increase with any one of these things above. Truth is, you are as happy as you’re always gonna be.
2. Happiness is earned. No it’s not. Wise people will tell you that you don’t earn happiness. It’s right within you and it’s already within you. Just observe the things that are in the way. In other words, you have everything you need right now to be happy.
3. Other people are happier than me. Sure! If I didn’t know any better, I would look at Facebook posts and absolutely believe that. Stay off the comparison “social media” wagon and restore your happiness overnight.
We look around and say if I could only have that, him or her, I will be happy. That ‘thing’ or that person that’s elusive to us that we believe so badly will make us happy just never arrives with the promised value. The illusion is so real that we have to believe it.

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