How much exercise is enough for weight loss?

 For decades, the narrative has been, “you must exercise to lose weight.” Billions of dollars pour into the hands of the fitness industry with that line. We’ve  been convinced that we sit too much and are not active enough. We live a sededantary lifestyle that makes us fat and that if we could only exercise a little, we shall lose the extra pounds. Give me a break. 

After doing some math and some observations, it dawned on me that if you exercise everyday, you may burn  realistically 200 to 300 calories each time. Having exercised, you’re more likely to get hungrier and be tempted to eat more. So you reward yourself with a cookie or an snack, that alone could be 400 calories. There goes your effort. 
The truth is really that you cannot exercise your way out of bad food. It’s almost impossible to lose weight on a bad diet unless you’re compulsive about exercising. 
However, it’s important to exercise because not only do you get physically fit, it’s good for your heart. Cardiac benefits should be good reason alone for exercising. 
Exercise everyday but know that it will not help you lose weight unless you change how you eat. 

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