What nobody tells you about the low carb high fat diet.

1. Food, more than exercise, is the key.

30 minutes of exercise burns you approximately 300 to 400 cal depending on the intensity of what you’re doing. That’s not enough to burn off one Jimmy John’s oatmeal cookie. It’s unimaginable to think that simply going to the gym can make up for all you can eat garbage. Now this is not to say that exercising doesn’t count. That is not what I’m saying. However, it’s simply not enough. There’s a famous saying that “You cannot exercise your way out of bad food”. So true.

2. High fat, not high protein..

When it comes to food, the two confusing for groups of carbs and fats. From my experience, a better control of carb intake leads to better weight management. In fact, the whole thing about High-fat low-carb is in the low-carb part of that phrase. Outside of that it really doesn’t matter what you eat. I learned that fat does not harm you most of the time. Problem of course is that this ends up being a low-carb high-protein diet, because people simply do not know how to isolate fat and protein. Now that can be problematic and potentially cause other health issues. It’s important to refine your high fat intake if you’re going to do this and not end up consuming copious amount of protein.

3. Its not all or Nothing;
Minimizing the carb intake, does not have to be a total ‘Ketogenic’ or ‘Atkins’ that requires 75% fat and 5% carbs or some such combination. That would help but not practical for most people. For me personally, I found that controlling how much carbs you eat and particularly increasing the amount of healthy fat results in better hunger management and weight loss in general. I do not care for the exactness of the numbers. If you previously ate more than 200g of carbs a day and decide to cut down to under 100, that will make a difference for you. Ketogenic enthusiasts recommend cutting to 20g while tremendously increasing fat intake. You decide what works for you.

4. Focus on health, not weight loss.

Believe it or not, all weight loss is not a sign of good health. In fact, sometimes it can be a sign that something is seriously wrong and you need help. It’s so important to do this the correct way. Know that life is bigger than just your weight. You still need to exercise, eat a balanced diet and be in good spiritual and mental health in order to be happy. There’s no magic bullet to anything and it all requires your total initiative to be a success.
Ensure to talk to a nutritionist or health care professional about any drastic diet changes, especially if you have pre-existing conditions, such as, but not limited to insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus as this may require adjustment of your regimen.

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